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Z-Wave is the choice for smart homes. With the most extensive selection of products, Z-Wave provides more a broader opportunity for intelligent home control. Customize your home to meet your needs, get started with minimal investment and easily add more smart products as you need.
There are Z-Wave has solutions for every home. With a broader choice of colours, styles and device types to choose.
Z-Wave is simple and works on a mesh network, the more Z-Wave modules you have in your home, the stronger the mesh network is.
There are Zwave products that include locks, lights and thermostats that talk to each other, to create the backbone of your smart home.
Use your smartphone or tablet to create scenes that help with daily activities like home scene, away scene and keep your home secure.
Z-Wave products work together even as new products come on the market. Whether you are away for on holiday or business, or just merely at down the street, you can have full home control of your home with Z-Wave. 

Zwave is easy to install and does not require any rewiring of your home’s current electrical wiring.
There are Z-Wave modules allow you to take control of your appliances and other lighting sources in your home. Zwave modules are fitted into an existing light switch or installed in new homes, and they can be configured to work with other Z-Wave devices in your smart home.



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