Smart wiring, audio visual, data cabling & wireless systems

Smart Cabling & Wireless Systems 

Automation, Audiovisual and Security Solutions, Combined with, Easy to Use Control.
Future Proof Your Home. Electrical, Automation, Entertainment & Data Wired & Wireless.
Smart Wiring Design and Installation Service.

Intelligent Building 

We design and install intelligent wiring solutions for your home & business. Cabling can be combined into a single control solution by integrating systems and sensors throughout your building. Smart wiring includes cabling for the following: lighting, security, climate control, data broadband, audiovisual, entertainment and much more. Contact us now for your structured cabling design and installation solution to suit your needs.

Data & Audio Visual Cabling Design
Smart Wired 

When building or renovating your new home, installing cables during construction can be less expensive and more straightforward. When installing in a new build, you can run more wire than needed to future-proof your home for future technologies, in addition to your current needs. A hard-wired connection is always the preferred option; it provides a more stable connection. Hard-wired connections eliminate the issue of WiFi products that use a lot of your wireless bandwidth, causing other devices like your smartphones or tablets to slow down. Often wireless is the only option in older homes.

Wireless Data Networks
Wireless Network

Your home network, with a connection to the Internet, is one of your most essential systems. Some aspects of our lives rely on a network for maintaining a comfortable climate, streaming music and movies, and even keeping your home safe and secure. There are an evergrowing array of products that are smarter and more sophisticated. A reliable and efficient network is required. Every device added to your system impacts throughput and, ultimately, connection to the Internet and other devices. While most networking products provide a link to the network, our reliable wireless products offer the performance and reliability needed to support your networking needs.

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