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Smart Wired Home

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We design and install smart wiring solutions for your home.
Cabling can be combined into a single home control solution by integrating systems and sensors throughout your home...
also allowing you to take full advantage of future technologies.

Smart wiring includes cabling for the following: lighting, security, climate control, data broadband, audiovisual, entertainment and much more.

Installing smart wiring during the construction of a new or renovation phase costs far less than installation into an existing building.

Our accredited smart wired designer can discuss your options for the best smart wired solution to suit your needs.
Contact us now for your smart wired home design & installation. 

Smart wiring homes allow for expansion when it's needed, by providing a logical and standardized system, allowing for easy accessibility and making the most of the NBN broadband speeds. From the smart televisions and projectors to energy management, networking, security, connected appliances smart wired homes can handle the latest technology demands with ease.

Wireless will be part of this connectivity mix by delivering a convenient and mobile add-on to the web experience. But on its own won't have the performance of wires and cables, designed to deal with digital technologies without interruptions or delay.
Determine what smart wired and wireless package you require, discuss your options with our accredited Smart Wired designer.

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