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What is a Smart Home Family

Lifestyle Solution

Smart homes can be programmed to suit your lifestyle.
A smart home achieves this by enabling your systems to communicate with each other, providing you comfort, convenience, and security. It can be as simple as a turning on an entrance light to welcome you home or a complete smart home that activates to your every movement.
You can turn everything on or off from a single point while still retaining individual control when we want it. Your smartphone or tablet can become a simple control interface to all of the devices of your home, and you’ll probably find you barely need to control anything manually, once your system is complete! 

Wireless Lighting.

Turn your home into a smart home, even if it is existing. Wireless home automation systems can be affordable, scalable and retrofittable; you can build your smart home a switch at a time. Control4, Zigbee and Zwave modules make the entire system very retrofit friendly. You will not have to rewire your home or add expensive control equipment. In fact, with Control4, Zigbee and Zwave technology, you can build your smart home a room at a time, it can grow with you, or you can make your whole smart-home in one build.

Simplify or completely automate complex tasks, adjust your homes lighting and climate, automatically by using sensors, and keep your family safe and comfortable, and you will never worry about leaving anything on again, saving energy and time. The system automatically ensures your devices on only when they need to be.
Smart homes include security systems that detect intrusion when you are away, send alerts to your smartphone, and when armed or in alarm automatically turn on lights around your home.
Gently be woken up by automatically slowly rising the light level in your room and playing pleasant music that gradually increases in volume to your desired maximum level. It can be followed up by starting the ensuite heater and setting the lighting level in your kitchen, ready for breakfast.
With the use of sensors in your smart home, you have flexible automated control, such as lights turning on when you enter a room, blinds closing when it gets too warm inside or when a door and window is open that shouldn’t be alerts sent to you.
Automatically keep an eye on the temperature of your home and minimise the impact by closing blinds and windows.
There’s nothing as satisfying as the feeling of your home automatically responding.


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