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More than just on/off lighting control. Dynalite controls allow you to create ambience and recall different lighting scenes to suit your mood and the occasion.Philips Dynalite’s range of integration devices and network gateways, allows the DyNet system to be configured to work in conjunction with other systems such as blinds, audio-visual, temperature control and building management systems.The DyNet system is easier to install and takes less time to configure than conventional systems.

Dynalite Antumbra

The Antumbra range boasts an unprecedented number of features, packaged in a choice of three panels. When the Antumbra panel detects your body’s magnetic field it ‘wakes up’ with a striking wall-wash lighting effect. This serves to greet the user, invite interaction with the panel and also sets the perfect room ambience. 
Antumbra comprises three principal variants – the ‘Button’, the ‘Display’ and the ‘Touch’. The Button and Display utilize mechanical buttons, with the Display additionally featuring a central LCD display to present multiple pages of functions and system information. The Touch has a smooth glass finish and uses ‘capacitive touch’  technology to detect the presence of a finger on various locations of the glass to trigger the button-press action.