Paradox Security

Paradox Provides The Highest Level of Protection
For Home & Business

Security & Access Control

For Your Home & Business

Paradox Evo Security & Access.

Paradox EVO protects up to 192 points of detection in your home or business, for maximum security. GLR Solutions can help you decide how much of that security is necessary depending on your individual space and requirements. Plus you can always start small and expand your security as your needs grow.
Adding to your security is simple: Sensor contacts for your doors and windows - Keypads allow you to access and control your security from multiple areas - Motion detectors secure your yard, parking lot, living spaces, offices and almost any other indoor or outdoor area
that you choose.

TM50 Touch Intuitive Touchscreen

With its bright color display, intuitive icons, and menu-driven interface, the TM50 Touch Intuitive Touchscreen reflects Paradox’s commitment to user-centric design. The TM50 Touch allows you to control your Paradox system’s functions through its touchscreen interface. The TM50 Touch includes many convenient features, such as support for up to 32 floor plans with test mode (optional SpotOn Alarm Locator™ and Solo Test™ features), and OneScreen Monitoring™, which allows the user to view the status of all eight partitions and up to 192 zones.

Paradox Insight

The Paradox Insight™ app is all you need to monitor and control events in your home or office while you are on the go, directly from your iPhone. With this easy-to-use app, you can access unlimited live video and audio streaming anytime, from anywhere while making informed decisions in real-time.
By connecting the Paradox advanced HD video cameras, you can even see and hear events as they are happening, both day and night.
Manage your security system from your mobile device, including arming/disarming, view and record events in your secured locations and respond in real-time.