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Smart Home Systems

Programmed to your lifestyle, enable your systems to communicate with each other, providing you with comfort, convenience, and security. Your smartphone or tablet can become a simple control interface to all of the devices of your home.

What is a
Smart Home

Smart homes can be programmed to suit your lifestyle.
A smart home achieves this by enabling your systems to communicate with each other, providing you comfort, convenience, and security. It can be as simple as a turning on an entrance light to welcome you home or a complete smart home that activates to your every movement. Your smartphone or tablet can become a simple control interface to all of the devices of your home, and you'll probably find you barely need to control anything manually, once your system is complete!

Home Control and Entertainment Interface
Smart Home

With our home automation solutions easily control every aspect of your home, from lighting, security, climate control, home theater, music and more. Or they can happen automatically. Stream music around your home from any source. When it’s time for a movie, lower the screen, dim the lights, close the blinds and play your favorite movie, with just a tap on remote control or screen. Arm your security system, turn off the lights automatically the minute your family is safe in bed. It’s simple and with full customization for your home, big or small.

Home Lighting Control with Control4
Lighting Control

Enhance the way you live with intelligent lighting systems, live smarter by creating a more comfortable, enjoyable, convenient and safe environment, with customized technology that controls your home or business.
Our Control products form an expandable control system that connects a range of devices to create a complete solution.

Total Control For Business
Total Control

Why have separate apps to control the blinds, heating-cooling, and lighting? When there is one that system that manages and controls all your devices together. You can prepare the house before arriving home by adjusting the temperature, closing the blinds, turning on the lights, with the press of a button all without going from app-to-app. Android and IOS Apps are available.

Home Control Hand Held Devices
Home Control 

The power of home control is where it makes sense: a handheld remote when you are watching TV, a lighting keypad for when going out the door or getting into bed, a touchscreen throughout your home so you can see who is at the door and let them in, and even by voice if you have your hands full. Experience smart home automation that allows you to control your home from anywhere.

Home Security Systems
Home Security 

Home security systems connects to your home network, you can monitor and control your security system using your smartphone. Our entry-level systems usually include motion detectors, sirens and a control panel that connects with the internet. For a more comprehensive system, door locks, surveillance cameras, smoke detectors, water sensors can be added. Our security system options offer components that work together. Create rules to turn on lights when motion is detected, unlock doors when there is a smoke alarm, cameras can begin recording when a sensor is triggered. Smartphone Apps allow you to arm and disarm, receive push notifications when alarms are triggered, lock and unlock doors, and view live and recorded video. With a fixed touch-screen display, you can do everything the app does. 

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