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Ultimate Smart Home Automation

Ultimate Smart Home

GLR Solutions offers the ultimate home automation system.
We offer everything for total home control. From energy efficient lighting, comprehensive entertainment systems to surveillance and security.
Our automation entertainment, security and connectivity solutions help create the ideal, stress-free home.
Create warm, pleasant moods for dining, and entertaining.
Automatically turn on lights when arriving home and provide a security lived in look when on vacation. Based on schedules or events, automate systems, including security, access control, climate, lighting, irrigation, window coverings, and more. Our automation systems can turn off lights, fans, air conditioners, and pool pumps when the property is unoccupied to save energy.
At night with the push of a button turn off lights, turn off AV equipment, close window coverings, lower temperatures, lock doors, and more.
Full automation can control security, heating, cooling, lights, and audio/video equipment for convenience, energy savings and safety. While away dimming lights and changing heating and cooling setpoints can significantly reduce your energy costs.
Remotely access and view security and cameras, dim lights, or lower temperatures via a mobile device.

Our wireless lighting and home control products include Zwave Zigbee dimmers, switches, remote controls, and plug-in modules, can be easily retrofitted without new wiring.
Because our system is modular, rooms and lighting can be added anytime, as needs change. For new or retrofits, replace existing light switches with Zwave & Zigbee smart modules, add plug-in lamp modules for accessory lighting.
The system can operate stand-alone or with our Control4 system for advanced scheduling and remote access. 
Enhance the enjoyment and property value. 
Use smartphones, tablets or handheld remotes to create a full cinema experience (audiovisual control, lower projection screens, dim lights, and close window coverings. 

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