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Control4 Control Just About Anything.

Geelong, Torquay, Melbourne Vic.

A smart home connects virtually all of the technology in your home. With Control4 control nearly every device and system in the house in ways that are easy and fun to use.

Home Automation Systems

Control4 offers products to create automation solutions for your smart home - one-touch lighting, security, climate controls, or sleek touch screens.
Control4 the ultimate home automation systems, make products and systems you already own work together.
We can create solutions that simplify your home by integrating with everything from lighting, music, home theatre, climate, security, putting it all together into one easy to use interface.
Integrating all your products, means you simplify the control any of your components from your, smartphone, touch screens, and handheld remotes.
A single touch screen can control, lighting - simple on/off to complete lighting scenes, whole home music and video systems, AV and home theatre components, Blinds, Fans, Air conditioning, Irrigation, and many other products that you can think of, it is only limited by your imagination! 

  • Consolidate all the electronics and smart home devices in your home and replaces a dozen apps with just one!
  • Modern interface that is easy to use — designed to simplify your daily routine and connect you to your entire home.
  • With a touch on a touch screen, keypad, or voice, and app access automate commands and control your home.
  • Set up custom notifications to be informed of what’s happening in and around your home, no matter where you are.
  • Remotely check in on your home and control the system from the mobile app.

  • Favourite your frequently used rooms, scenes, and devices, and then arrange them just how you’d like on the touch screen or mobile app.
  • Active status icons provide at-a-glance views of music playing throughout the house, doors that are unlocked, lights that are on, and so much more.
Control4 integrated home automation

Real Home Automation

Integrate all your home's components with Control4, and you can control any device from any control panel or touch screen you desire. Integration of all your home's components allows for "real" home automation features - features that simplify your daily routine, help save you time, keeping your house secure, and energy efficient.
Completely transform your environment and create moods to suit any occasion at the touch of a button. Secure your home with automatic alarm activation, automated lighting, panic mode features, security cameras, remote access, and more.
Save energy as lights and other components are turned off automatically when those areas are no longer in use. A goodnight button next to your bed can turn off everything in your home with a single press.
No matter how big or small your automation requirements are, Control4 it the system that can cater to your needs. You will wonder how you ever lived without home automation in and around Geelong, Torquay, Melbourne Vic! 


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