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Future Proof Your Home: Smart Home, Lighting, Entertainment and Security Solutions combined with easy-to-use control solution. 
Control4 delivers the most reliable, versatile and easy user interface. As a result, it is a home automation company that is more popular among consumers and installers. 

Control4, Superior Smart Home Experience

If you’re building a new home or renovating, why not make it a smart home? Control4 will make your new home both beautiful and intelligent. With Control4, you can control virtually all the connected devices in your home and create a personalized experience that maximizes your comfort, convenience and entertainment. Control4 combines technology in your home to create an experience that fits your lifestyle and for your whole family to enjoy. With one touch, dim lights, play your music, lock the doors and arm the security system. Check on your new home from your smartphone, no matter where you are. 

Control4 home automation control system
Home Control

 A smart homes offer convenience and safety and offers complete customization and built around your personal preferences, needs, and budget. When building new homes or renovating, it all starts with your needs and desires. You may prefer to begin with the convenience of automated lighting or be concerned more with your family's security, and you may start with an alarm system. Either way, it's all about your priorities and importance to you and your family. You can start small and build in phases based on your budget. Start with an intelligent home controller to help all of your devices communicate and work together. As time goes by, you can add on more devices according to your needs.

With Control4, stream music and video to different rooms simultaneously. Access your favourite television and music stations, streaming services, playlists, lighting scenes, thermostats, door locks, and more from one interface. Set the TV to turn on to a specific station at a particular time of day. Open and close blinds automatically when the TV is turned on/off.
Record and view your favourite shows from any Smart TV; use one button to adjust your lighting and TV for movie viewing; watch your movie as you move from room to room.

Home Theatre & Sound Systems

Home Theatre

Control4 has the ideal entry point to your smart home, when automating your family room or home theatre, you can control your entire entertainment system from a single remote control.
You simply interact with your movies and music from an easy-to-use, intuitive Control4 interface, such as a hand-held remote, tabletop touch screen, the phone in your pocket, or with the simplest interaction method of all-your voice.
No matter what the size of your home Control4 has the solutions that can create your ultimate entertainment experience. Stream the latest 4K movies or high-resolution music, to one room or every room, create an unbeatable home theatre experience, pressing play on your Control4 remote will set the scene, turning on your surround sound, dimming the lights and start the movie. 

Control4 lighting consolidates your switches into one keypad and connects your lights and other devices together through the Smart Home OS. Using smart switches and keypads, lighting controls can be programmed to run other devices in the home simultaneously. By identifying each button you know what you’re controlling before you turn it on. Illuminates engraving for easy viewing. back-lighting lights up each button. Lock the doors, turn off lights and TVs, adjust the temperature, and more with a push of a button.

Home Music and Audio Systems

Home Music

Stream your favourite playlist throughout your home or enjoy it in one room. With Control4 multi-room audio, you can play all of your favourite music with the touch of a button.
Control4 provides on-demand entertainment with popular music streaming services, including apps standard on every Control4 system. From classical to heavy metal, everyone in the family can stream their favourite stations, and playlists, without needing additional devices.
Enjoy music that is powerful, emotional, and memorable, and set the perfect scene to relax and really enjoy your music, dim the lights, lower blinds, and the music starts to play with one touch. 

Control4 Smart Lighting Systems
Lighting Control

Control4, professionally installed, personalized, innovative home control system that gives your family control of nearly every smart device in your home. Enjoy a seamless way to manage your temperature, lights, locks, entertainment equipment, security, and more from one single system.
Lighting need be no longer just a utility for your home. It can create an ideal movie experience for your family, provide a lively mood or relaxation scene for your guests.
Control4, lighting is a perfect inclusion to any security solution. Control4’s Mockupancy™ setting adjust your blinds and controls your lights at intervals to simulate someone inside of your home while you’re away. 

Video Intercom Systems

Video Intercom

Want to see who is at your door or gate? Whether you’re home or away, your Video Intercom can monitor and communicate with any room of your smart home right from your smartphone and internal monitors. Greet your guests and allow them to enter your home, check in on your family if they aren’t answering their phones, and view and talk with anyone at your front door. Cloud recording is available on some models for viewing at a later date. Get a notification to your smartphone when someone is at the front door. So you can see your visitors and talk to them and disarm your security system when opening the door - from anywhere in the world.

Keep your home and the essential things in it safe and secure at all times. Check-in on the locks, cameras, and garage doors from across the street or the world. Get alerts when someone enters your home. Lights can automatically turn on at night, never have to approach a dark house again. Smart security solutions give you peace of mind, so you can trust that all is safe and sound.

Control4 Home Security Systems
Home Security

Security systems give you peace of mind, knowing your family is safe and secure. Check-in on your home or business remotely, lock doors, arm the alarm, receive alerts when your home is in alarm, and many more. Cameras are an excellent way of enhancing your security. It lets you keep an eye on your premises and acts as a visual deterrent to potential intruders. 

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