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Terms of Service

1 -An instruction to carry out work, whether written or verbal, shall be an acceptance of these terms and conditions unless the work is subject of another written contract, the terms of which supersede these.
2 -Prices contained in this proposal are valid for 30 days. We will submit any changes to this proposal in writing for approval. We reserve the right to
withdraw this quote at any time prior to the actual receipt of written acceptance. Any variation to the acts, rules, and regulations of various Government bodies or Statutory Authorities governing all aspects of the work is a regarded as a variation to the contract. In the event that the client cancels delivery of goods, the client shall be liable for any loss incurred by GLR Solutions (including but not limited to any loss of profit) up to the time of cancellation.
3 -The price is on normal working hours, Monday to Friday, unless otherwise stated. Service company charges are not in quotation unless explicitly stated. All possible care taken in carrying out the work, this will mean plasterwork made good to original finish and floorboards and access panels screwed back. It does not include redecoration.
4 -Trenching is not included unless explicitly stated. This quotation does not cover the removal of rock, reef, shale, concrete, masonry, or material which will have to be loosened by blasting, pneumatic tools or if by hand wedges or sledgehammers, should this occurrence occur it shall incur added cost to this tender. In the absence of detailed information regarding underground services we will not be held responsible for any damage to underground services whatsoever.
5 -Unless otherwise stated in the estimate or quotation payment is on completion of work. If the work is an extended period, monthly invoices for work done and materials supplied or specially ordered and held are submitted. Payment of these shall be due on receipt invoice.
6- Late payments shall incur an interest at the rate of 1.5% PCM, from date of invoice, and could result in stoppage of work. In the event of a stoppage of work the contract period will be extended for the same period as from the stoppage till the resumption of work. Any additional works required because of stoppage shall be a variation to the contract.
7- Until paid in full, for installation and equipment any equipment shall remain the property of GLR Solutions. If goods that are damaged, stolen or destroyed following delivery but prior to ownership passing to the Client, GLR Solutions is entitled to receive all insurance proceeds payable for the goods.
8- All equipment comes with manufacturer's warranty. We guarantee all installation work to be free of defects for a period of one year from installation date. We are not responsible for damage from external sources affecting the installation or any form of misuse. We shall not be responsible for any losses incurred by the client using equipment before the handover on completion of works. GLR Solutions shall only carry out the implementation of this warranty or persons instructed by GLR Solutions. No responsibility is accepted for repairs or alterations affected by anybody else.
9- GLR Solutions shall be under no liability to the Client where the alarm system is not operating due to circumstances beyond its control (including but not limited to tampering, circumvention or disablement by others, power failures, broken cables, extreme weather or other such similar events.
The failure of the security systems installed to perform their intended function or functions.
10- GLR Solutions shall endeavor to carry out the work in accordance with the dates specified on the estimate are or quotation, or within a reasonable period. However, GLR Solutions is not responsible for any losses, damage or increase in cost due to delays beyond our control.
11- When undertaking testing works we accept no responsibility for damage to portable appliances, computers or other electrical equipment left plugged in or directly connected to circuits by client.
12- We have assumed that the client to allow us to complete the work expeditiously will provide all required facilities.
13- The client acknowledges that a third party monitoring company conducts alarm monitoring. GLR Solutions cannot always be responsible for the actions of that company.
14- This proposal is a complete package, including design, wiring, equipment, installation, and coordination of plans with Architects, Decorators, Electricians, and Cabinetmakers, unless noted in proposal.
15- GLR Solutions assumes no responsibility for damages, either direct or consequential, that may result from accidents associated with the design,
installation, and operation of the equipment listed herein.
16- Responsibilities of others: Rough in of basic Cable TV (CATV) wiring is only included as shown. Electrical wiring and cabinetry are to by others unless noted. Cable TV service connection by others. Any 'prewire' locations do not include termination of wiring or wall outlets.
17- Cabinetry must be adequate to fit this equipment and drawings submitted for our approval. Media cabinets must provide adequate ventilation to dissipate the heat of electronic equipment. In some cases, quiet fans are required for ventilation. Any conduits or trenching required to bury outdoor cabling (including Satellite and Cable Company wiring) are not included, these are provided by others unless specifically noted in the proposal.
18- Manufacturer's regularly update their product offerings. In our efforts to provide you with the very latest products, we reserve the right to substitute the most up to date products available at the time of installation. In the event that products are discontinued (before or after installation), if we are unable to provide original parts, we reserve the right to use products of equal standards and quality.
19- Terms: 30% with acceptance, 30% prior to installation equipment, 30% due 45 days prior to component installation, and balance (10%) upon completion of the installation. Unless by prior negotiation.
20- We require 14 days advance notice before beginning each phase of the work.
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