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KNX What Is It.

There seems to be a myth that smart building technology is only for high-end properties. But this is not the case!
KNX is the industry-standard open protocol for smart building control. Its logo appears on more than 400 manufacturer's products and is showing at more and more trade shows and exhibitions. Why is KNX the smart home choice for your new home.
KNX is a software protocol used globally, using the KNX hard-wired IP backbone, and products from hundreds of different manufacturers with guaranteed compatibility.while not being tied to a single manufacturer's product.
KNX is perfect for large buildings as well as your typical family home. Being almost infinitely scalable it is suitable for all projects from small extensions through to hotels, schools and hospitals alike.
KNX cabling is simple. In most cases, it's quicker to install than your traditional wiring system. The distinctive green KNX cable runs to every KNX device in the building: actuators, switches, room controllers, PIRs, displays and more.

Combining smart wiring, KNX and Control4 allows for huge possibilities for future expansion, Smart Wiring covers the eventuality of additions being made. The completed installation allows for the control of underfloor heating, ventilation and cooling, lighting, blinds, security, access & CCTV, audio visual distribution.
Wall mounted panels, hand held remotes and smart phones provided the perfect front end for the users to control all the elements over the KNX bus. Each room can have basic scene settings with absence detection for energy savings.

KNX For Home

Discover the benefits of a KNX Smart Home system. KNX combines your home systems to automate and simplify your daily life. 
Can't make up your mind what switching you would like, with KNX, and some simple programming can change your mind as to  switch functionality when all the cabling has completed.
When comfort, safety and ease are keys to your dream home, ask for KNX, the all-in-one control system for your home.


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